Though we, here at are not condoning drinking, but we are realist. We know with the old year leaving and the New Year coming, there is a lot of celebrating and bottle popping.

So, when I think of drinking and having ridiculously crazy fun, the first person, who comes to mind, is my good girlfriend and Queen of the radio airwaves, Angela Yee. Though you can catch her every morning on the Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105, interviewing the biggest celebs in show biz, but by night she’s the it NYC’s it girl making moves around the city, while on the weekends, jet setting from city to city making appearances at the most exclusive events and the hottest nightclubs. Not only is she a connoisseur of the MOST amazing shoes, but trust me, she ALWAYS knows the right drink for the right person.

What are your top favorite five drinks? And why?

- Belvedere Intense and soda with muddled oranges or strawberries. This is a great low-calorie drink but the fresh fruit makes it taste like a soft drink.
- Belvedere Citrus with grapefruit, just because I love a little bit of bitterness
- Belvedere and Bartenura Moscato Rose. We drink this at work in the morning, it’s like a mimosa with a kick
- Rum punch. No matter what, you only need 1 of these to feel it and it tastes good for people who don’t really drink
- Belvedere gimlet. I never tried to make this, but when someone makes it right it is excellent. When they don’t it sucks!

What’s your least favorite drink?

I’m not the biggest fan of brown liquor, or cheap vodka. Anything that gives me a headache can GO!

What do you recommend to the drinker who is not a “real” drinker but would like to sip on something that goes down smooth?

My first drink was an amaretto sour or a midori sour. They are very sweet and light drinks, but I haven’t had those in years. I would also recommend something like a sex on the beach, and always request a premium liquor or else you’ll end up with the bottom of the barrel.

What’s your favorite cocktail ?

Belvedere and soda with fruit

What’s the drink you can recommend to get that can get it on and popping/horny?

Haha! Probably Everclear but I don’t know if I can recommend that with a clear conscience. Tequila is also a great stimulant, because most alcohols are a depressant. I will say that whatever you start drinking make sure you stick with it all night and don’t mix liquors. And don’t drink super sweet sugary drinks because that’s what makes people throw up the next day and feel sick.

What do you NOT recommend if someone doesn’t want to get MEXICAN girl wasted?

Don’t drink a long island iced tea or anything that has multiple liquors mixed in together. A long island was the first drink that had me wasted.

It’s often said that the best way to get over a hangover is have another drink the next morning, what do you recommend?

I recommend bread, water, and advil. Definitely not another drink!

What’s the top 3 reasons to recover from a hangover?

You have to go to work, you need to go out again the next night, and of course because you have to get right back on that horse!

Would you like to provide us with a recipe to The Yee Shaker? or one of your special drinks?

One part Belve, 2 parts lemonade, and muddled strawberries

As always drink responsibly and have an amazing New Year!